Bournemouth (Westhill) Folk Dance Club

Club Programme

Bournemouth Folk Dance Club meet every Monday at 7.30pm, (except for bank holidays & during August) and the programme of meetings, including the callers, for the next few months is given below.

A Dance of the Month (DoM) (or 4 weeks) has been introduced since early 2016.  This is where any dancer can request a favourite or a challenging dance - for them - to be called at every meeting. To see what dances have been called: DoM Archive

There is a friendly arrangement with the Dorset Caledonian Society. We visit them in February, & they visit us in return, in November. On these evenings, both English & Scottish dances are called. The Dorset Caledonians meet on Tuesdays at 7.30pm, at St Mary's Catholic Church, 211A Wimborne Road Poole BH15 2EG.

All Monday meetings are held at the Annunciation Church Hall, 218 Charminster Road. BH8 9RW.

The New Year Party is held at St Luke's Parish Church Hall, St Luke's Road, Winton. BH3 7LR.





 September 2017 Autumn Term

4th Mon   Brian Ballard & Martin Linda  DoM - Waves of   Insanity
11th Mon   David Tullis & Liz Neal (& Di Darch)  
18th Mon   Peggy Samuel & Richard Lane  
25th Mon   Karen Ilott & Brian Hawkins  

2nd Mon   Peggy Samuel  Dance & AGM
9th Mon   Pam Shears & Rita Russell  DoM - Koepoort   Galliard
16th Mon   Martin Linda & Karen Ilott (& Di Darch)
23rd Mon   Peggy Samuel & Liz Neal  
30th Mon   Callers live music experience!  Musicians Pete & Sue   Hall
6th Mon  Brian Hawkins & Brian Ballard  DoM - Koepoort   Galliard
13th Mon  Peggy Samuel & Bob Gordon  Dorset Caledonian   Guests
20th Mon  David Tullis & Rita Russell  DoM - Melrose Dolphin
27th Mon  Pam Shears & Richard Lane  
4th Mon  Karen Ilott & Richard Lane (& Di Darch)  
11th Mon  Peggy Samuel & Rita Russell  
18th Mon  Various callers TBA  Christmas Party
25th Mon  Bank Holiday - no meeting  
31st Sun  Various callers TBA  New Year Party - at St   Luke's
January 2018 Spring Term
1st Mon  Bank Holiday - no meeting  
8th Mon  Brian Ballard & Brian Hawkins (& Peggy   Samuel)  DoM - The Queen of   Sheba
 15th Mon  Peggy Samuel with Rosemary
 & Steve Hunt
 Posh Frocks Evening
22nd Mon  David Tullis & Liz Neal  
29th Mon  Pamela Shears & Martin Linda  
February  Provisional  
5th Mon  Peggy Samuel & Brian Hawkins  DoM - TBA
12th Mon  TBA  Special Evening
19th Mon  Brian Ballard & Rita Russell  
20th Tues  Peggy Samuel & Bob Gordon
 Visit Dorset   Caledonians
26th Mon  Karen Ilott & Martin Linda  
March  Provisional  
 Rosemary & Steve Hunt  Guest Caller &  Musician
 David Tullis & Richard Lane  DoM - TBA
 Pam Shears & Liz Neal  
 Peggy Samuel & Rita Russell  

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