Bournemouth (Westhill) Folk Dance Club

Club Programme

Bournemouth Folk Dance Club meet every Monday at 7.30pm, (except for bank holidays & during August) and the programme of meetings, including the callers, for the next few months is given below.

A Dance of the Month (DoM) (or 4 weeks) has been introduced since early 2016.  To review what dances have been called see: DoM Archive

There is a friendly arrangement with the Dorset Caledonian Society. We visit them in February, & they visit us in return, in November. On these evenings, both English & Scottish dances are called. The Dorset Caledonians meet on Tuesdays at 7.30pm, at St Mary's Catholic Church, 211A Wimborne Road Poole BH15 2EG. - Find St Mary's Church 

All Monday meetings are held at the Church of the Annunciation Hall, 218 Charminster Road. BH8 9RW. - Find the Church of the Annunciation

The New Year Party is held at St Luke's Parish Church Hall, St Luke's Road, Winton. BH3 7LR. - Find St Luke's Church

The Saturday Lunch & Dance is held at the Mayfair Hotel, 27 Bath Road, Bournemouth. BH1 2NW. - Find the Mayfair Hotel

**** Please Note: The 9th April venue has changed, as the church needs the hall. The club dance will now be at the Holy Epiphany Church, 46 Castle Lane West BH9 3LH. - Find the Holy Epiphany Church





 September 2017 Autumn Term

4th Mon   Brian B & Martin  DoM - Waves of Insanity
11th Mon   David & Liz (+ Di)  
18th Mon   Peggy & Richard  
25th Mon   Karen & Brian H  

2nd Mon   Peggy  Dance & AGM
9th Mon   Pam & Rita  DoM - Koepoort Galliard
16th Mon   Martin & Karen (+ Di)
23rd Mon   Peggy & Liz  
30th Mon   Callers live music experience  Musicians Pete & Sue Hall
6th Mon  Brian H & Brian B  DoM - Koepoort Galliard
13th Mon  Peggy & Bob  Dorset Caledonian Guests
20th Mon  David & Rita  DoM - Melrose Dolphin
27th Mon  Pam & Richard  
4th Mon  Karen & Richard (+ Di)  
11th Mon  Peggy & Rita  
18th Mon  Various club callers  Christmas Party
25th Mon  Bank Holiday - no meeting  
31st Sun  Various club callers  New Year Party
January 2018 Spring Term
1st Mon  Bank Holiday - no meeting  New Year's Day
8th Mon  Brian B, Brian H (+Peggy)  DoM - The Queen of Sheba
 15th Mon  Peggy with Rosemary & Steve Hunt  Posh Frocks Evening
22nd Mon  David & Karen  
29th Mon  Pam & Martin  
5th Mon  Peggy & Brian H (+ Jan)  DoM - Ginger Pigs
12th Mon  Various club callers  Club Musicians Evening
19th Mon  Brian B & Rita (+ Dorothy)  
20th Tues  Brian B & Bob
 Visit to Dorset Caledonians
26th Mon  Karen & Martin (+ Di)  
 Rosemary & Steve Hunt  Guest Caller & Musician
 Liz & Richard (+ Peggy)  DoM - The Double Cross
 Pam & Liz (+ Marilyn)  
 Peggy & Rita (+ Jan)  
Mon  Bank Holiday - no meeting
 Easter Monday
* 9th * Mon  **** Brian B & Martin (+ Peggy) ****  DoM - Nonsuch
14th Sat  Various club callers  Lunch & Dance at the Mayfair
16th Mon  Karen & Liz (+ Di)  
23rd Mon  David & Richard (+ Marilyn)  
30th Mon  Callers' Live Music Experience  Musicians Pete & Sue  Hall

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